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Zero Footprint Microservice to Match & Deduplicate Named-Entities

Named-Entity matching taken to new heights

Named-entity matching taken to new heights

Matching names is not always enough as real-world entities, such as persons, are denoted by names and other attributes. Accurate matching of named entities requires taking the values of these other attributes into account.

Screena Plus works with dates of birth, places of birth, addresses, nationalities, and more. The technology has been designed to handle other types of named entities. Indeed, we are currently developing methods for all real-world named entities such as vessels, locations, products, and more.

Screena Plus makes the best use of all available data. Our unique proprietary techniques excel in combining multiple attributes in a highly flexible fashion. Configurable and adaptable options help you specify what set of record attributes should be matched and what weights should be assigned to each of them.

Advanced to the core

Advanced to the core

Screena Plus elevates all of Screena One’s AI-based features to a new level, and brings them together with sophisticated algorithms to perform highly accurate multi-attribute matching.

And just as with Screena One, no persistence layer is required. Screena Plus helps refactoring any legacy or third-party application to a microservices-based architecture that meets, by design, the highest standards of versatility.

Equipped for today. Prepared for tomorrow.



Reconciliation, SWIFT Screening

Regulatory Compliance


Fraud Detection

Entity Analytics

Homeland Security

Visa Screening, Border Security

Counter Terrorism

Terrorist Watchlist Checks

Customer Data Management


Electronic Health Records

Record Reconciliation

Open Source Intelligence

Entity Resolution

Transportation Security

No-Fly List


Census, Social Security

Legal Intelligence

Case-related Data

Law Enforcement

Investigation, Civil Liberties

Accelerate your business

  • Do your job without constraint. Every aspect of Screena Plus is designed in pursuit of performance. We enable people that operate at the heart of the business to match every field and named-entity.

  • Offer immediate and cumulative business value. The cost of new projects decreases and the return on investment is immediate. It is no longer necessary to wait 3 or 5 years for success. We enable organizations to achieve results that make a difference right from the start.

Screena Plus delivers a further 700% in false hits reduction*. You get up to 10 times faster match performance**. So, you save up to 215 minutes per day in reviewing useless false positives***.

Get the power to take your business to the next level.

For applications that necessitate reducing both False Positives and False Negatives, we recommend you use Screena Firm.

Screena Firm is the most powerful and versatile solution ever

* Compared to Screena One
** Compared to Screena One
*** Best performance obtained in real-life situation. Estimated based on a total of 2,000 records per day.