Due Diligence

Navigate through identities. Assess counterparties' due diligence risks with AI-powered accuracy. Make informed decisions.

Your business is growing and facing complex compliance and regulatory requirements. That is why Screena engineered the most accurate AI to match names and verify identities.

Industry-standard benchmarking tools show that our algorithms achieve over 99% detection rate. The risks of failing your KYC (Know Your Customer) due to manipulated data is close to zero.

No Customer Due Diligence (CDD) procedures are the same. We provide you with a flexible algorithm-as-a-service plugin solution. It orchestrates 150+ name-matching features across 120+ name cultures.

Financial crime, ever increasing demands of regulators, reputational damage, business discontinuity. All those risks keep decision makers and compliance officers up at night. Separating false positives from the real threats is hard and costly.

Leverage state-of-the-art AI technology and use Screena to augment your Due Diligence.

AI-powered screening for due diligence


Screena connects to your system and your datasets. Our algorithms starts by resolving relationships between identities. Then we screen them in real-time against industry-leading Risk Intelligence databases. We match your requirements with the highest level of scrutiny and optimized costs. Screening at lightning-fast speed against hundreds of millions indexed names is easy. We engineered Screena for infinite scalability.

Periodic screening

As the relationships evolve, Screena keeps monitoring your clients, suppliers and third parties. We continuously run our identity checks on both existing and new entrants. With Screena, ongoing due diligence adapts to your workflow and your risk appetite. You are always sure to get a 360 view of your counterparties’ identities. No matter what.

Risk-based screening

82% of compliance managers feel under extreme or significant pressure from regulators. Dial in and focus your attention on each risk in adaptive way. Screena provides you with a plethora of configurable options. So you can guide your attention where it first and most matters.

Platform ready

Your ecosystem, processes, business needs and tools are unique. Screena integrates with your Customer Due Diligence (CDD) workflows and accelerates your business. Use our secure, reliable and scalable API. Upgrade your identity screening procedures in days, not weeks.

How it works

Go to Pricing and choose a plan that suits you: Screena One, Screena Plus or Screena Firm. Screena One or Screen Plus includes a 30-day trial (no credit card required) upon sign up. For Screena Firm, contact us. We will create a proposal based on your objectives and timeline.

You will immediately receive your API key based on your plan upon sign up. Our online documentation will help you authenticate and use Screena API. For extra help in getting started, you can always reach out to us.

Integrate screening with your platform through the endpoint that corresponds to your subscription. For Screena One and Plus you will have a monthly matches quota that is used each time you post a match query. Screena is billed monthly, with no long-term commitment. Payments and current API usage can be reviewed on your customer portal.

Why Screena ?


We guarantee results and their integrity. Our API is benchmarked against industry-standard tools to meet all regulatory requirements.


Our AI models and algorithms are continuously enhanced. It is our mission to always offer you better and faster KYC/CDD results.


Get your data protected and comply with GDPR in a zero-trust environment.

No Frill

Our algorithm-as-a-service approach brings you the lowest name verification cost.

More than 0 machine learning features

Near 0 % true detection rate *

More than 0 transactions per second in live conditions **

* Benchmark results obtained with industry-leading solution testing sanctions screening systems | ** Performance obtained with Screena’s standard cloud configuration


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