Fintech Risk Scoring

Do not lose customers because of slow and inefficient risk screening. Verify identities with Al­-powered accuracy.

Fintechs should have effective risk and compliance capabilities that scale with operations as they gain traction and scrutiny from regulators.

This includes a quick and thorough Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) risk assessment of all business relationships: people and entities, customers and counterparties.

Name screening is a mission-critical facet of compliance risk scoring to ensure instant identification of high-risk relationships all while delivering a frictionless experience to low-risk profiles.

Fintechs’ expansion comes with rising compliance risks. And with rising risks come rising costs. Incremental gains in the quality of name screening have exponential impact on fintechs’ profitability and customer satisfaction.

Fintechs need a cost-effective solution for name and identify verification. Screena’s API allows to easily score customers at lightning-fast speed across hundred of millions of compliance records.

AI-powered screening for fintechs


Instant customer verification and onboarding: real-time identification of high-risk relationships against open-source intelligence, internal lists and industry leading compliance databases: sanction lists, blacklists, regulatory watchlists, PEP data, adverse media and third-party risk intelligence.

Periodic screening

Initial and ongoing risk screening to monitoring risk level changes as often as required. Rapidly screen your entire customer database on demand against massive lists containing hundred millions of records.

Risk-based screening

Adaptive risk-based screening with option-based capabilities that fits your risk and compliance management program.

Platform ready

Seamless integration with existing alert review workflows through our secure, reliable and scalable API. Quickly integrate screening with your core platform, for yourself and by yourself. Build and ship within days, not weeks.

How it works

Go to Pricing and choose a plan that suits you: Screena One, Screena Plus or Screena Firm. Screena One or Screen Plus includes a 30-day trial (no credit card required) upon sign up. For Screena Firm, contact us. We will create a proposal based on your objectives and timeline.

You will immediately receive your API key based on your plan upon sign up. Our online documentation will help you authenticate and use Screena API. For extra help in getting started, you can always reach out to us.

Integrate screening with your platform through the endpoint that corresponds to your subscription. For Screena One and Plus you will have a monthly matches quota that is used each time you post a match query. Screena is billed monthly, with no long-term commitment. Payments and current API usage can be reviewed on your customer portal.

Why Screena ?


We guarantee results and their integrity. Our API is benchmarked against industry-standard tools to meet all regulatory requirements.


Our AI models and algorithms are continuously enhanced. It is our mission to always offer you better and faster KYC/CDD results.


Get your data protected and comply with GDPR in a zero-trust environment.

No frill

Our algorithm-as-a-service approach brings you the lowest name verification cost.

More than 0 machine learning features

Near 0 % true detection rate *

More than 0 transactions per second in live conditions **

* Benchmark results obtained with industry-leading solution testing sanctions screening systems | ** Performance obtained with Screena’s standard cloud configuration

Case Study

Bahrain Islamic Bank

Bahrain Islamic Bank ensures seamless mobile account opening for corporate customers

To support Bahrain Islamic Bank with the strategic launch of its latest digital service in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Screena cloud-native name-matching microservice delivered unrivaled accuracy and adaptability for the online verification of corporate customers’ identity.


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