AML & Fraud Management

Screena’s AI-powered technology lets you match names of individuals and organizations against large databases so you can meet your AML obligations all while reducing fraud losses.

Financial institutions, real estate services, trading firms, consultancy businesses — regulated organizations face complex Anti-Money Laundering (AML) obligations and evolving fraud threats.

In today’s heavily regulated environment, a minor spelling mistake or even a phonetic difference in verifying a foreign customer can lead to severe consequences, including regulatory fines, personal liability and reputational damage.

Verifying identities for global counterparties against regulatory watchlists — sanctions, PEPs, blacklists — is no easy task.

Poor or inefficient screening solutions can struggle to prevent the risk of missing true matches. This usually results in a high number of false positives that create frictions and increase your costs of doing business.

Screena’s APIs integrate data from industry-leading partners to meet AML requirements throughout the customer lifecycle and precisely block wrongdoers without afflicting legitimate parties.

Our flexible technology combines tunable proprietary algorithms with adaptive machine learning models to ensure higher recall and better precision than other screening vendors. With Screena, you save time without ever putting your business at risk.

AI-powered screening for financial crime compliance


Real-time watchlist screening powered by machine learning for instant account opening. Verify identities against trusted ID sources to prevent identity theft and deter online fraud.

Periodic screening

Customer and watchlist data change frequently. Never miss a hit after a record is either added or updated. Screena's ongoing screening of known relationships ensures non-redundant matches in no time through elastic capabilities.

Risk-based screening

Adaptive screening capabilities providing maximum control and flexibility to reduce false negatives and false positives based on your risk appetite.

Platform ready

Screena allows for modular introduction on top of your platform. Integrate screening into any step of your decisioning process against whatever lists of your choice so you don't have to spend months reinventing the wheel.

How it works

Go to Pricing and choose a plan that suits you: Screena One, Screena Plus or Screena Firm. Screena One or Screen Plus includes a 30-day trial (no credit card required) upon sign up. For Screena Firm, contact us. We will create a proposal based on your objectives and timeline.

You will immediately receive your API key based on your plan upon sign up. Our online documentation will help you authenticate and use Screena API. For extra help in getting started, you can always reach out to us.

Integrate screening with your platform through the endpoint that corresponds to your subscription. For Screena One and Plus you will have a monthly matches quota that is used each time you post a match query. Screena is billed monthly, with no long-term commitment. Payments and current API usage can be reviewed on your customer portal.

Why Screena ?


We guarantee results and their integrity. Our API is benchmarked against industry-standard tools to meet all regulatory requirements.


Our AI models and algorithms are continuously enhanced. It is our mission to always offer you better and faster KYC/CDD results.


Get your data protected and comply with GDPR in a zero-trust environment.

No frill

Our algorithm-as-a-service approach brings you the lowest name verification cost.

More than 0 machine learning features

Near 0 % true detection rate *

More than 0 transactions per second in live conditions **

* Benchmark results obtained with industry-leading solution testing sanctions screening systems | ** Performance obtained with Screena’s standard cloud configuration


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