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Zero Footprint Microservice to Match & Deduplicate Names

Reducing False Positives with AI

Reducing False Positives with AI

A False Positive occurs when a system misinterprets a name for another. These errors are a critical issue for a number of business challenges today.

Although it might seem that False Positives don’t necessarily have significant consequences, incorrect name identification can lead to serious issues. Screena One is used for mission-critical applications in domains in which incorrect matches may result not only in more work, but also lawsuits, fines, financial theft, and in the worst case, human casualties.

Integrating Screena One alleviates the burden generated by False Positives.



Screena One is a RESTful microservice that works with third-party systems. We support synchronous request/response calls when the requester demands immediate response. On top of this, we use RabbitMQ, Kafka, and ActiveMQ technologies for integration patterns based on events and asynchronous messaging, thus ensuring maximum scalability and resiliency.

Our technology is designed for all businesses that are turning to microservices for increased agility and scalability.

Screena One empowers customers with significant legacy infrastructure, as well as those starting green field projects. Whatever your situation, the risk of costly development is avoided.


Regulatory Compliance


Electronic Health Records

Record Reconciliation

Fraud Detection

Entity Analytics

Homeland Security

Visa Screening, Border Security


Terrorist Watchlist Checks

Customer Data Management


Open Source Intelligence

Entity Resolution

Transportation Security

No-Fly List


Census, Social Security

Groundbreaking approach

  • Screena One solves the widest variety of name matching challenges on the market. In a perfect world, every database should be adequately standardized, and no one would ever manually enter a value into a table. Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality. The consequence? Messy data. With Screena One, you turn chaos into order and order into greater profit and peace of mind.

  • Screena One technology is ideal for managing name data in a multicultural world. It handles multiple name cultures and alphabets with ease. Screena One examines the finest names characteristics to identify all potential matches more accurately. No matter what type of data, the correct set of matching techniques is applied at all times.

  • Screena One is designed for ultrafast integration. Our lightweight technology doesn’t need a persistence layer to deliver a totally new level of name matching performance. No database headaches, no SQL queries, nothing but pure algorithmic power.

Higher quality means higher efficiency. Work on things that really matter. Save up to 3 hours per day in reviewing useless false positives*.

If better is possible,
good is not good enough

For applications that require matching names with additional record fields such as date of birth, address, and more, we recommend Screena Plus.

Screena Plus takes the power of Screena One even further.

* Best performance obtained in real-life situation. Estimated based on a total of 100 false positives per day.