Introducing Instant Search: Free, Unlimited AML/CTF Search Engine across Global Watchlists

We’re excited to have launched Instant Search today, our brand-new search engine that performs free, unlimited AML/CTF checks of sanctioned Individuals, Organizations, and Vessels, as well as PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons) and most wanted fugitives. It is available online from now on at

Screena AI at Your Fingertips

Instant Search is built on top of Screena API to give compliance professionals a way of quickly searching the name of a person against a large collection of public watchlists.

As we are on a mission to make innovative technologies available to as many people as possible, we have decided to offer free access to Instant Search. No search limit, no login required. To us, this is the best way to experience what Screena is all about.

Instant Search in a browser

Flexible & Comprehensive

Our solutions are firmly rooted in an open and composable architecture whereby every component is pluggable, extensible, and replaceable. In short, this means we can easily integrate with any data source or third-party application. When it comes to Instant Search, we have compiled and integrated global sources from all regions of the world. These lists are automatically updated multiple times a day to the latest version available.


  • European Union – European Commission’s Consolidated List of Sanctions
  • United Nations – Security Council’s Consolidated List
  • World Bank – The World Bank’s List of Debarred Firms and Individuals
  • United States of America – OFAC – Department of Treasury’s Specially Designated Nationals (SDN), Sectoral Sanctions Identifications List (SSI), Non-SDN Communist Military Companies Sanctions List (CCMC), Non-SDN Chinese Military-Industrial Complex Companies List (CMIC), Non-SDN Menu-Based Sanctions List (NS-MBS List), List of Persons Identified as Blocked Solely Pursuant to Executive Order 13599 (13599), Capta List (CAP), Foreign Sanctions Evaders (FSE), Part 561 List (561), Palestinian Legislative Council List (PLC)
  • United States of America – Bureau of Industry and Security’s Denied Persons List (DPL), Entity List (EL), Military End User (MEU) List, Unverified List (UVL)
  • United States of America – Department of State’s ITAR Debarred (DTC), Nonproliferation Sanctions (ISN)
  • United Kingdom’s – HMT – OFSI’s Financial Sanctions
  • Australia – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Consolidated List
  • France – Ministère de l’Économie et des Finances’ Registre des Gels
  • Switzerland – State Secretariat for Economic Affairs’ Sanctions
  • Canada – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Consolidated Autonomous Sanctions List



  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)’s World Leaders and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
  • The White House’s Cabinet



  • Interpol’s Red Notices
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s Most Wanted



Our screening engine comes with an arsenal of advanced algorithms crafted to tackle the most complex challenges relating to name matching. It goes way beyond the basic fuzzy matching logic. Just give it a try. Unlike many screening solutions on the market, Screena will understand and detect that “LC Air Company Kyrgyztransavia” is the same organization as “Kyrgyz Trans Avia”, and that “Agha Sayed Ghia Souddine” is the same individual as “Sayyed Ghiassouddine Agha”.

Instant Search Match

If Screena is primarily designed to miss fewer matches, it also returns fewer false positives. And this to a significant order of magnitude. How is that possible? It’s thanks to our powerful supervised machine learning models running behind the scenes to filter out the bad noise that naturally comes with high recall.

Blazing Fast

Accuracy should however never be at the cost of speed. Screena’s greatest achievement is to combine high-quality matching with cutting-edge performance. Instant Search will give you a perfect flavor as it truly matches as you type. Most of the time, you will get the right results displayed on your screen way before you finish entering a name in the search bar. We aim to bring that very Google experience to the world of name screening. Instant Search is a brilliant embodiment of our vision.

Match as you Type


Instant Search has been designed to elevate Screena API to new heights by delivering the most convenient and relevant user experience. It means that results are sorted in a way that really makes sense for humans. What matters first is presented first. Every result also comes with the matching score computed by Screena along with how the searched and returned names have been processed by our engine. On top of it, it is possible to quickly filter the search results by level of risk (Sanctions, PEPs, Wanted), by list, or by type of entity (Individual, Organization, Vessel). You get all the tools to quickly understand Screena’s results and make fast informed decisions.

Instant Search Filter

To share your thoughts about Instant Search, or find out how you can integrate Screena’s search engine into your platform, you can reach out to [email protected].

We’d love to hear from you!