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Reducing False Negatives and False Positives

Reducing False Negatives and False Positives

If you think False Positives are complex to deal with, imagine adding False Negatives to the picture!

Trying to reduce both False Positives and False Negatives is, by default, a difficult and conflict situation. In regular solutions, False Negatives automatically increase when thresholds are adjusted to minimize False Positives. And so you can quickly get locked in a vicious circle.

While False Negatives create regulatory risks, False Positives mean time and money lost in reviewing long lines of wasteful results.

Limited options. Complex and ever-changing obligations. Massive volumes of data. Erratic results. Businesses facing these issues agree it is barely manageable, and yet they accept the situation and continue to live with the status quo.

Screena Firm has been carefully engineered to solve this problem.

Whether you match, resolve or search names in databases, we allow for seamless discovery across all your records.

AI-based Recall and Precision

AI-based Recall and Precision

Our AI-based approach is twofold. Number 1: complete eradication of False Negatives — Number 2: no tolerance for any sort of “good enough” rate on False Positives.

Our target: drive down False Negatives and False Positives as close to zero as possible.

Screena Firm is designed for Pros who need the ultimate solution in precision and recall. Once your data sources are loaded in the Screena Firm repository, we trigger proprietary processes. We combine deterministic and probabilistic methods allowing 360-degree access to every record with vast configuration options to achieve extremely high recall and precision at superfast speeds.

The outcome: your results are relevant and correctly classified. At all times.

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Reconciliation, SWIFT Screening

Regulatory Compliance


Fraud Detection

Entity Analytics

Homeland Security

Visa Screening, Border Security

Counter Terrorism

Terrorist Watchlist Checks

Customer Data Management


Open Source Intelligence

Entity Resolution

Electronic Health Records

Record Reconciliation

Transportation Security

No-Fly List


Census, Social Security

Legal Intelligence

Case-related Data

Law Enforcement

Investigation, Civil Liberties


HUMINT, Target Data

Social Networks

Users linking



Designed to ingest any data

  • Database Agnosticism: Screena Firm is accessible through a RESTful webservice, which requires a persistence layer to work. We connect with all the most popular databases: MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostGreSQL, MariaDB.

  • Frictionless data stream connectors: Using our data stream connectors you load data into Screena Firm from any and all sources.

Screena Firm delivers the same false positive reduction rates as Screena Plus. On top, you reduce false negatives by a factor of 2.*

The world's most advanced matching technology.

Unleash the full potential of Screena Firm.

* Best performance obtained in real-life situation. Estimated based on a total of 100 records per day.